Report of Non ICMR Scientists Visiting Abroad To Present Paper


Name Document
Dr. Abhijeet B. Joshi Dr. Abhijeet B. Joshi(110.95 KB)
Dr. Abhishek Lanka Dr. Abhishek Lanka(104.08 KB)
Dr. Abhishek Mittal Dr. Abhishek Mittal(132.65 KB)
Dr. Amar Taksande Dr. Amar Taksande(108.54 KB)
Dr. Amit Kumar Dr. Amit Kumar(96.52 KB)
Dr. Amrut Shankarrao Salunke Dr. Amrut Shankarrao Salunke(132.07 KB)
Dr. Anil Budania Dr. Anil Budania(132.90 KB)
Dr. Anil Chauhan Dr. Anil Chauhan(91.88 KB)
Dr. Anita Desai Dr. Anita Desai(127.51 KB)
Dr. Ankush Kalra Dr. Ankush Kalra(99.84 KB)
Dr. Anuradha Borle Dr. Anuradha Borle(178.74 KB)
Dr. Aparjita Mitra Dr. Aparjita Mitra(38.37 KB)
Dr. Archana Singh Dr. Archana Singh(95.45 KB)
Dr. Archana Sharma Dr. Archana Sharma(232.27 KB)
Dr. Arshdeep Dr. Arshdeep(120.55 KB)
Dr. Arvind Sharma Dr. Arvind Sharma(103.74 KB)
Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav Dr. Ashok Kumar Yadav(224.81 KB)
Dr. Asit Kumar Sikary Dr. Asit Kumar Sikary(141.89 KB)
Dr. Bhavik Uttam Panchal Dr. Bhavik Uttam Panchal(126.42 KB)
Dr. Bhaskar Purohit Dr. Bhaskar Purohit(74.35 KB)
Dr. Biswadip Chatterjee Dr. Biswadip Chatterjee(77.79 KB)
Dr. C.K. Pandey Dr. C.K. Pandey(58.11 KB)
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Dr. Chandra Shekhar(99.74 KB)
Dr. Chetan Sateesh Nayak Dr. Chetan Sateesh Nayak(105.77 KB)
Dr. D. Manivannan Dr. D. Manivannan(102.26 KB)
Dr. D.K. Gupta Dr. D.K. Gupta(79.94 KB)
Dr. Deeksha Tripathi Dr. Deeksha Tripathi(188.50 KB)
Dr. Deepak Mittal Dr. Deepak Mittal(50.05 KB)
Dr. Deepika Bagga Dr. Deepika Bagga(113.46 KB)
Dr. Deepti Pandita Dr. Deepti Pandita(159.40 KB)
Dr. Devki Nandan Dr. Devki Nandan(227.79 KB)
Dr. Dewang Angmo Dr. Dewang Angmo(103.12 KB)
Dr. Dharmesh Harwani Dr. Dharmesh Harwani(149.41 KB)
Dr. Dibyarup Datta Pramanik Dr. Dibyarup Datta Pramanik(139.01 KB)
Dr. Dilip Chandra Nath Dr. Dilip Chandra Nath(92.05 KB)
Dr. Dimple Anand Dr. Dimple Anand(120.63 KB)
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Dr. Dinesh Kumar(41.85 KB)
Dr. DivyaVohora Dr. DivyaVohora(236.20 KB)
Dr. Dharam Veer Singh Dr. Dharam Veer Singh(90.75 KB)
Dr. Geetha Desai Dr. Geetha Desai(71.68 KB)
Dr. Harshika Chawla Dr. Harshika Chawla(60.35 KB)
Dr. Hina Sharma Dr. Hina Sharma(118.35 KB)
Dr. Indu. S Dr. Indu. S(100.93 KB)
Dr. Janvie Manhas Dr. Janvie Manhas(95.18 KB)
Dr. Jitin Narula Dr. Jitin Narula(120.42 KB)
Dr. John George Dr. John George(64.13 KB)
Dr. K. Natrajaseenivasan Dr. K. Natrajaseenivasan(120.82 KB)
Dr. Kalyarasan R. Dr. Kalyarasan R.(115.23 KB)
Dr. Kamal Kumar Gera Dr. Kamal Kumar Gera(195.88 KB)
Dr. Karishma Kulkarni Dr. Karishma Kulkarni(51.25 KB)
Dr. Kartik H. Doshi Dr. Kartik H. Doshi(88.79 KB)
Dr. Kriti Singh Dr. Kriti Singh(56.25 KB)
Lt. Col (Dr.) Karuna Datta Lt. Col (Dr.) Karuna Datta(76.33 KB)
Dr. Kavita Gulati Dr. Kavita Gulati(216.24 KB)
Dr. Kavita Hotwani Dr. Kavita Hotwani(130.09 KB)
Dr. Kavita Singh Dr. Kavita Singh(199.63 KB)
Dr. Kulkarni Preeti Dinkar Dr. Kulkarni Preeti Dinkar(103.08 KB)
Dr. Lovkesh Anand Dr. Lovkesh Anand(111.58 KB)
Dr. Mansi Bansal Dr. Mansi Bansal(91.23 KB)
Dr. Manigreeva Krishnatreya Dr. Manigreeva Krishnatreya(106.72 KB)
Dr. (Col.) Maneet Gill Dr. (Col.) Maneet Gill(66.94 KB)
Dr. Mithun Sikdar Dr. Mithun Sikdar(216.35 KB)
Dr. Mukesh Nandave Dr. Mukesh Nandave(172.89 KB)
Dr. Muneeb U. Rehman Dr. Muneeb U. Rehman(111.14 KB)
Dr. Mranalini Verma Dr. Mranalini Verma(85.07 KB)
Dr. Nagasamy Venkatesh Dr. Nagasamy Venkatesh(169.81 KB)
Dr. Naseem Akhtar Dr. Naseem Akhtar(65.19 KB)
Dr. Naveen B S. Dr. Naveen B S.(59.78 KB)
Dr. Nishant Jain Dr. Nishant Jain(74.53 KB)
Dr. P. Parthiban Dr. P. Parthiban(121.12 KB)
Dr. P. Ramasubramaniyan Dr. P. Ramasubramaniyan(192.26 KB)
Dr. P.K Praveen Kumar Dr. P.K Praveen Kumar(61.95 KB)
Dr. Passah Averilicia Dr. Passah Averilicia(120.09 KB)
Dr. Philip Raj Abraham Dr. Philip Raj Abraham(122.77 KB)
Dr. Pradip Paik Dr. Pradip Paik(52.40 KB)
Dr. Prem Parkash Gupta Dr. Prem Parkash Gupta(118.73 KB)
Dr. Prolima Thacker Dr. Prolima Thacker(47.14 KB)
Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma(77.25 KB)
Dr. Rajeshwar Nath Srivastava Dr. Rajeshwar Nath Srivastava(120.01 KB)
Dr. Ranjith MP. Dr. Ranjith MP.(68.46 KB)
Dr. Rashmi Kumari Dr. Rashmi Kumari(92.92 KB)
Dr. Renu George Dr. Renu George(101.76 KB)
Dr. Richa Kapoor Dr. Richa Kapoor(90.44 KB)
Dr. Richie R. Bhandare Dr. Richie R. Bhandare(148.83 KB)
Dr. Rishi Raj Singh Dr. Rishi Raj Singh(71.54 KB)
Dr. Rupali Bhatia Dr. Rupali Bhatia(94.75 KB)
Dr. S. Ebenezer Suman Babu Dr. S. Ebenezer Suman Babu(90.49 KB)
Dr. S.R. Bhuvanasree Dr. S.R. Bhuvanasree(114.41 KB)
Dr. S. Latha Dr. S. Latha(51.57 KB)
Dr. Sabeena Sasidharan Pillai Dr. Sabeena Sasidharan Pillai(130.34 KB)
Dr. Sajjan Shenoy N Dr. Sajjan Shenoy N(127.77 KB)
Dr. Satya Vati Rana Dr. Satya Vati Rana(172.88 KB)
Dr. Samagra Agarwal Dr. Samagra Agarwal(65.43 KB)
Dr. Samina, Bashir Dr. Samina, Bashir(104.57 KB)
Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sureka Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Sureka(54.44 KB)
Dr. Sanjeev V. Thomas Dr. Sanjeev V. Thomas(192.36 KB)
Dr. Santram Lodhi Dr. Santram Lodhi(117.55 KB)
Dr. Sarat Chandra Yenisetti Dr. Sarat Chandra Yenisetti(109.24 KB)
Dr. Sathya Prakash Dr. Sathya Prakash(87.44 KB)
Dr. Sayani Mukherjee Dr. Sayani Mukherjee(168.21 KB)
Dr. Shaila V. Kothiwale Dr. Shaila V. Kothiwale(67.69 KB)
Dr. Shailender Kumar Dr. Shailender Kumar(126.94 KB)
Dr. Shalini Thapar Laroia Dr. Shalini Thapar Laroia(126.38 KB)
Dr. Sharmishtha Shyamal Dr. Sharmishtha Shyamal(49.95 KB)
Dr. Shashank Chauhan Dr. Shashank Chauhan(98.40 KB)
Dr. Shraddha Sureka Dr. Shraddha Sureka(117.08 KB)
Dr. Shravan S Nadkarni Dr. Shravan S Nadkarni(120.17 KB)
Dr. Sonam Grover Dr. Sonam Grover(128.39 KB)
Dr. Sourin Bhuniya Dr. Sourin Bhuniya(91.05 KB)
Dr. Sreelekha Bhaskara Kurup Dr. Sreelekha Bhaskara Kurup(134.04 KB)
Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Singh Dr. Sudarshan Kumar Singh(271.87 KB)
Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sarangi Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sarangi(121.72 KB)
Dr. Sujana Mohanty Dr. Sujana Mohanty(335.18 KB)
Dr. Sunil Udgire Dr. Sunil Udgire(122.89 KB)
Dr. Supriya Batta Dr. Supriya Batta(78.14 KB)
Dr. Sushmita Kaushik Dr. Sushmita Kaushik(65.56 KB)
Dr. Suresh Janadri Dr. Suresh Janadri(106.35 KB)
Dr. Tanu Anand Dr. Tanu Anand(123.43 KB)
Dr. Trushaa Garg Dr. Trushaa Garg(59.71 KB)
Dr. Tulika Gupta Dr. Tulika Gupta(72.10 KB)
Dr. Tulika Mittal Dr. Tulika Mittal(81.90 KB)
Dr. Varuna P. Panicker Dr. Varuna P. Panicker(85.20 KB)
Dr. Vidya Baliga Dr. Vidya Baliga(86.04 KB)
Dr. Vikas Veerwal Dr. Vikas Veerwal(132.92 KB)
Dr. Vinay Kumar Kapoor Dr. Vinay Kumar Kapoor(59.58 KB)
Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma(100.84 KB)
Dr. W. A. Vishnupant Dr. W. A. Vishnupant(86.71 KB)
Dr. Zia Chaudhuri Dr. Zia Chaudhuri(147.10 KB)
Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh Mr. Abhishek Kumar Singh(279.29 KB)
Mr. Ankit Jain Mr. Ankit Jain(107.54 KB)
Mr. Arun Kannan Mr. Arun Kannan(97.62 KB)
Mr. Asif Elahi Mr. Asif Elahi(90.26 KB)
Mr. Ayan Ray Mr. Ayan Ray(91.31 KB)
Mr. Banerjee Anupam Gaganchandra Mr. Banerjee Anupam Gaganchandra(88.00 KB)
Mr. Debasmita Dutta Mr. Debasmita Dutta(57.28 KB)
Mr. Himanshu Joshi Mr. Himanshu Joshi(102.54 KB)
Mr. M. Sathish Kumar Paul Mr. M. Sathish Kumar Paul(123.97 KB)
Mr. Manoj Kumar Mr. Manoj Kumar(219.83 KB)
Mr. Nitin Purushottam Amdare Mr. Nitin Purushottam Amdare(158.04 KB)
Mr. Partha Pratim Saha Mr. Partha Pratim Saha(55.16 KB)
Mr. Pranav Prasoon Mr. Pranav Prasoon(141.00 KB)
Mr. R. Srikantha Aswin Mr. R. Srikantha Aswin(90.13 KB)
Mr. Sabir Ali Mr. Sabir Ali(171.68 KB)
Mr. Sagar L. Kale Mr. Sagar L. Kale(92.24 KB)
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh(123.85 KB)
Mr. Shyam Lal Mudavath Mr. Shyam Lal Mudavath(273.95 KB)
Mr. Srikanth Racharla Mr. Srikanth Racharla(139.52 KB)
Mr. Sumit M. Bhutada Mr. Sumit M. Bhutada(106.79 KB)
Mr. Suprabhat Mukherjee Mr. Suprabhat Mukherjee(102.94 KB)
Mr. Vishant Boradia Mr. Vishant Boradia(150.63 KB)
Mr. Vineet Kumar Kamal Mr. Vineet Kumar Kamal(157.87 KB)
Mr. Yeshwant Kurhe Mr. Yeshwant Kurhe(131.50 KB)
Ms. Aayushi Garg Ms. Aayushi Garg(165.26 KB)
Ms. Anitha Jagadesh Ms. Anitha Jagadesh(147.30 KB)
Ms. Ann Mary Alex Ms. Ann Mary Alex(84.42 KB)
Ms. Deepashri Rao Ms. Deepashri Rao(86.89 KB)
Ms. Devapriya Sinha Ms. Devapriya Sinha(159.38 KB)
Ms. Jyoti Batra Ms. Jyoti Batra(114.42 KB)
Ms. Hina Ms. Hina(79.36 KB)
Ms. Hiral R. Shukla Ms. Hiral R. Shukla(86.82 KB)
Ms. Kiran Kumari Ms. Kiran Kumari(68.14 KB)
Ms. Kumari Asha Ms. Kumari Asha(139.84 KB)
Ms. Mamta Singla Ms. Mamta Singla(118.75 KB)
Ms. Meera Krishna B Ms. Meera Krishna B(165.09 KB)
Ms. Mou Ganguly Ms. Mou Ganguly(126.51 KB)
Ms. Naga Rekha Gorantla Ms. Naga Rekha Gorantla(117.96 KB)
Ms. Roopali Rajput Ms. Roopali Rajput(126.58 KB)
Ms. Shilpa Thakur Ms. Shilpa Thakur(107.86 KB)
Ms. Tanushree Dangi Ms. Tanushree Dangi(128.70 KB)
Ms. Vineeta Sharma Ms. Vineeta Sharma(117.00 KB)